Majesty Caballero is one of the most precious humans that I have the honor to know. She is a LIGHT and a JOY to be around, and has brought me to tears countless of times with her beaming HOPE and FAITH throughout her 2 year long journey with liver cancer. Majesty is a Freshman in college and her family is a major part of our home church- Church on The Rock. Her parents serve on staff as pastors at our North Campus, and they are just a dynamite family all around. 

Majesty is currently on the top of the list for a liver transplant, and after watching her fight, knowing her heart, seeing her battle, and hearing about the costs that one takes on after receiving a liver transplant - I wanted to do something!!! 

 I found this statement- "According to the United Network for Organ (UNOS)' Transplant Living Web site , the estimated U.S. average in 2011 of billed charges per liver transplant is $577,100." woah. 

So, to help raise funds, I put on a Mini Session event where all proceeds went to Majesty for the many costs that are coming with this life saving procedure. I offered 15minute sessions - 5 pictures - with a donation cost of $150 that went directly to Maj. We were able to raise $750.00 just from the sessions themselves. WOW. How awesome!!! It's barley a drop in the bucket, but every bit helps and I am so blown away by the generosity from those who participated. 

Additionally, I've been working with several other incredible individuals and we are hosting a "Majesty's Walk Benefit Dinner" on Thursday, May 3rd at Reagor Dykes Downtown location!! We have incredible silent and live auction items, live music by Jeff McCreight, delicious food provided by Italian Gardens, and we have a handful of tables WITH YOUR NAMES ON THEM that are still available to purchase!! If you want to be involved in raising funds for this incredible young lady, consider purchasing a table, inviting friends to sit at your table, and come to the event!! 

Full Table (8 people)- $1000
Half Table (4 people)- $500

If you'd like to come but just want to purchase a seat or two at a table, just reach out to me and we will see if there's availability!! :D

If you can't come to the event but would like to give a one time donation, we have a Majesty's Walk INC. Foundation set up that all monies will go into and be distributed out of with hopes to one day help others in this same situation. -- This is exciting!! 

So there you have it. Doors open at 6:15. Come prepared to bid on some AMAZING silent and LIVE auction items, enjoy an amazing meal, and be apart of something that is bigger than yourselves. :). (It always feels good when you do!)

So, think about it, reach out to me SOON if you're interested, and let's see some significant costs be covered by you amazing people around Lubbock Texas caring for your own. We are just a week (and a day) away!!! SO crazy. So expectant. So excited. God is going to show off, I believe it. 



Majesty shares about her journey and story over at her facebook page "Majesty's Walk"

Below are pictures I took from her senior session as well as a family session we did before one of her first major liver surgeries. I adore this girl as does EVERYONE who knows her!! <3