Ashley+John | Engagements

You guys. I am smitten with everything about this engagement session & couple!! Ashley is a long-time childhood friend that I've grown up with throughout grade school (although in different grades), roomed with in college, was a Pi Beta Phi with at TTU, and have had the privilege of watching her grow and blossom into the incredibly gracious, beautiful, soft, but STRONG, Christ loving woman that she is today!! When she told me about this guy named John, I could not get over my giddiness and excitement for her! She has truly found a love that is sweet, FUN, faithful, trustworthy, adventurous, compassionate, and worthy of her heart and I could not be more happy for her!! John is an incredible pair to Ashley. He is a natural leader, charismatic, charming, passionate, extroverted, entrepreneurial, and a zealous love for Jesus. As incredible as he is, he is so lucky to have found a future wife in Ashley. She's a true treasure, and watching them interact throughout their session was so heartwarming to see. John adores Ashley, and I believe see's her as the gift to him that she is! Seeing Ashley love and celebrate John was honestly challenging in how I love and honor my husband (which is so healthy & impactful)!! -- Side note, John... I will never forget your grass sandals! I love it. I love them. -- Ashley and John are getting married on October 6th and I AM SO EXCITED to photograph their wedding day!! Although, I will be just approaching 37 weeks pregnant, I am beyond honored of their trust and desire to have me capture their day.. waddling and all ;). No worries though, the incredible Emily Koontz is shooting the day with me, and if it sends me into labor the next day I won't mind one bit, hah! So, all that to say, If it's not already obvious I have a crush on these two & I support them 1000000%. I know many - many - feel the same. Enjoy these pictures from their engagement session from Monday evening. I had plenty of good belly laughs, went home with a full heart, & a creative tank that felt like confetti bombs had gone off inside. Thank you again, Ashley & John, for trusting me to preserve this special time in your lives. It's an honor that I don't take lightly. <4 Much love, my friends!!!