Ty & Nathan | Engagements

Ty & Nathan are on the blog this afternoon! These two met in middle school, were high school sweethearts, dated throughout college, and are now engaged to be married!! What an adventure they have already had, and what a great foundation of years of friendship, and choosing to love throughout SO many changes!! Ty and Nathan are finally in the same town after a GOOD amount of time long-distance dating while Nathan starts medical school and Ty is in her gap year. Their adventures ahead are many as there's so much that will determine where they live, plant roots, and grow in love and life together. I can't wait to see what's in store for them & know they will thrive and love each other well and with intention as they've already had so much practice!! One thing I love is seeing how couples who have been together this long interact. Sometimes you can senes a comfortability or complacency, but with Ty and Nathan, it was obvious that they are still smitten with one another and truly are best friends. To witness and capture that does something good to the heart <3. These two are smart, goofy, know how to have fun, and have the most precious golden retriever, Ollie!! AHHH.. I died when Ollie got his bow-tie on for pictures. Cutest pup around!! I also am a lover of golden's. Best dog in my opinion, but I'm not biased at all ;). This amazing couple will be getting married out at Ransom Canyon next June, and although it's a good 10+months away I am already SO excited!! Can't get enough of these guys and their love for one another. Also, shoutout to Ty and Nathan for waking up with the roosters & the sun to take engagement pictures!! This was my second morning engagement session within a weekend and I am just LOVING morning sessions all around!!