Morgan + Clay | Engagements

Morgan & Clay are my hero's. They are absolutely amazing!! Dream Clients. Dream Friends. Dream people. These two made SUCH an impression on me as we took their engagement pictures. We had a series of unfortunate, unpredictable events that occurred throughout their session and these two carried on with the most positive attitudes!! I would say, if anything, it showed me that together- these two can do anything. They are going to change the world as one in marriage- holy cow!! Just incredible people all around. I am beyond grateful to know them, serve them, and am on the edge of my seat for their March wedding at the Farmhouse in Montgomery, TX. EEP!! Seriously, so excited. -- Enjoy pictures from their engagement session! We had planned to go out to Ransom Canyon for most of their session, and then ended up running away from a massive hail storm that took out most of Lubbock's roof's and totaled many cars that didn't have shelter (including my husbands). The storm made for a super beautiful & dark sky towards the end of our time together <3. West Texas is beautiful, y'all. Even when it's skies are ready to drop a mad bomb on ya. Morgan & Clay, you two have my heart. Seriously, I adore you two, and am so honored to be your wedding photographer!!