Sydney+Ryan Robertson

Sydney+Ryan married on December 3oth, 2017 at the Bayer Agriculture Museum in Lubbock, Texas. Sydney grew up with a family of cotton farmers, and this venue just seemed to highlight the history of bringing these two families together as one! Before they booked the venue, the Kennedy's had me out to view it with them. It is such a neat venue, especially if agriculture is a big part of your story. They transformed the conference center into a beautiful sanctuary for the ceremony and reception to take place. With some twinkle lights, cotton, and winter elements, everything came together with elegance and ease!! The wedding day itself was so peaceful, wintery, and full of so much LOVE. Sydney and Ryan are both very intentional people. I was not surprised when their details were full of intentional touches. Sydney surprised Ryan by wearing a dress that's been passed down for generations. Before her, Sydney's mother and grandmother both wore this dress on their wedding days. To this day, the dress is still timeless as ever, and simply elegant. The only modifications made to the dress over the years was alterations for fitting! Isn't that incredible? Sydney's mother and grandmother were able to help her get dressed, and it was a sweet & honestly holy moment. For me, it held a spiritual significance as much as a physical significance. These women dressed the bride in her garments, not only to adorn her in beauty, but they have also dressed her in Character, in value, in strength with how they have loved and raised her. It might have been a favorite wedding moment of mine to experience in 2017.

For Ryan, he wore his grandfather's cuff links. His grandfather wasn't expected to attend the wedding, but fortunately, we were able to have his presence at the ceremony and it was incredibly special for all. To see the tears in Ryan's mother's eyes to see her father attend her son's wedding day TOTALLY GOT ME. Yikes, guys. If you cry, I cry on the wedding day. So... rest assured, my eyes were wet most of this day.

The first look was so sweet! Ryan is so tender and loving with his bride, and I could not be happier for Sydney because that's what she totally deserves -- She's a gem!! The wedding party was as sweet and beautiful as ever, and SO BRAVE. They faced the cold for a few pictures, and any longer outside we all would have had frostbite. From celebrating the day with fun pictures, to a beautiful and significant ceremony (Sydney has been writing letters since her teen's to present to the man that would be her husband. Those letters were presented as a gift and a surprise to Ryan)  to a sweet dinner and light dance party... this wedding ended my year in the most refreshing way!! I am so so grateful. Completely humbled and overwhelmed to work with the couples that I get to work with. 2017 was beautiful in so many ways, and there was no better way to close the year than with the Robertson wedding!!


These twin boys are Sydney's nephews!! They were the ring bearers for the ceremony, and since they would be napping during picture time on the wedding day we had them dress up and com to her bridal session so we could get pictures of them!! SO GLAD THEY DID THAT!! How stinkin' CUTE are they?!? Just dancing to a little, "If you're happy and you know it"

This is Tyler & Whitney! I photographed their wedding several years back :D. Tyler is Sydney's brother!! LOVE getting to photograph multiple siblings wedding days. So sweet and special! 

3 generations of wearing the same wedding dress. Aren't these women all so beautiful? 

(The presentation of the letters Sydney has been writing since she was a teenager to her future husband to present. Such a sweet and priceless gift to give your groom). 

For the father + daughter dance, Rex surprised Sydney with a slideshow he put together to Tim McGraw's Song, "My Little Girl" BUT HE RECORDED HIMSELF SINGING IT (... que the tears). This was incredible. Totally threw Sydney off, and touched her to the core. It's a gift to have such a good father. <3


You're beautiful baby, from the outside in Chase your dreams but always know The road that will lead you home again Go on, take on this old world but to me You know you'll always be my little girl

Those final goodbyes before sending off the bride and groom.




FLORIST: Market Street


HAIR & MAKEUP: Dwayna Bailey

DRESS SHOP: David's Bridal (veil only)

DRESS: vintage dress (Passed down)


FAVORS: photo booth VIDEOGRAPHER: Connor Voight

CAKE: Laura Rhoades CATERING: PJ's Catering from the heart

CEREMONY+RECEPTION VENUE: Bayer Museum of Ag same as above

INVITATIONS: Paramount Press

HONEYMOON: Cabo San Lucas

EST. GUESTS: 200-250

COLORS: Cranberry, Navy, Gold, Ivory